[IMAGES] The Waking Dead: Greg Nicotero Shares Making Of Winslow Walker Photos

The most talked about scene from Sunday's New Best Friends episode of The Walking Dead involved Rick Grimes fighting a walker which appeared to be borrowed from a Mad Max film. As it turned out, the new group who calls a junkyard "home" and themselves "the Scavengers" had a name for the walker: Winslow.

The making of the epic walker took an intense amount of preparation from the team behind the AMC series.

Executive producer and visual effects guru Greg Nicotero took to Instagram after Sunday night's episode to share photos of how Winslow came together, starting with the concept art stages right up to being featured in the gladiator match against Rick.

"Walker from tonight!" Nicotero wrote in his first post, shown below, showcasing concept art of Winslow. "Scott Gimple and I spent a lot of time designing this awesome Walker." Nicotero goes on to credit the team which made Winslow possible: Concept art by John Wheaton, sculpture by Norman Cabrera, John Wrightsonm and Garrett Immel, and applied by Jake Garber, Kerrin Jackson, and Kevin Wasner.

Winslow was ultimately played by Gino Crognale and took a stab at Rick's hand thanks to these amazing designs being brought to the AMC series.

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The helmet, seen in its concept art from above, was brilliantly crafted through several stages of work from the effects team. Below is a photo of the helmet in one of those stages and Nicotero points out that there is a gas tank detail on top of it.

Sculpture by @norman_cabrera_monsters note gas tank detail on helmet

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Finally, Nicotero's last photo was a behind-the-scenes shot of Winslow as he appeared on The Walking Dead on Sunday night.

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For more photos of the Winslow Walker and other moments from The Walking Dead Episode 7x10, check out the photo gallery below!

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