Guardians Of The Galaxy: Nathan Fillion & Stan Lee Cameo Roles Revealed

Spoiler Warning: While it's already been publicly revealed that both Stan Lee and Nathan Fillion have cameos in Guardians of the Galaxy, it had been somewhat of a secret as to who they were playing. If you prefer not to know the name of their characters, then stop reading now.

Earlier today, Disney and Marvel Studios released a full, credited cast list for Guardians of the Galaxy to Stitch Kingdom. While the credit list revealed one huge surprise cameo, which you can read about here, the credits also revealed a couple already known cameos and some less surprising cameos.

As is customary with all Marvel Studios films, Stan Lee will have a cameo, which just as many of his past cameos appears to be a minor, humorous role. Stan Lee will play a ‘Xandarian Ladies’ Man.

Much has been made of who Nathan Fillion will play. Rumors had suggested the possibility of either Nova or Cosmo, but he is neither. Fillion will be made up as a ‘Monstrous Inmate.’ It will be interesting to see if he is even recognizable in his role.

While not actually appearing in the film, musician Rob Zombie is listed as having a voice role as the ‘Ravager Navigator Voice.’ Director James Gunn himself also has a cameo in his own film. Gunn will be playing one of the ‘Maskless Sakaaran.’

One of the biggest Guardians of the Galaxy rumors has been over whether Cosmo is in the film. According to the credits, Cosmo is in the film, and he is played by actor Fred the dog.