Green Lantern Reboot Rumored To Feature Multiple Human Green Lanterns

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When the Green Lantern franchise returns to movie theaters, it's possible that it will feature more than one Earth man wielding the ring.

According to a article posted by Collider, the new rebooted Green Lantern film will feature at least two and possibly three Earth-born members of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan and fellow Lanterns John Stewart or Guy Gardner or both. 

That's certainly a different enough approach, and since Earth is a pretty small for guys with cosmic powers, I'd imagine that this means the new series will take a more cosmic approach. 

The idea is that the Green Lantern movies (assuming the reboot is successful enough to get sequels) will not be based around just one individual Lantern but will focus on different ones, making the series more about the Corps than a single superhero. 

The article also speculates that at least one of the human Green Lanterns may be introduced at San Diego Comic Con International in July.

The rebooted Green Lantern movie is due in theaters in 2020.

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