The Walking Dead: Who Was At The House Where Beth Was Taken, S5 Sneak Preview Trailer


During the Talking Dead Season 5 Preview special, The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple revealed the backstory behind the house at the cemetery where Daryl and Beth stopped. While many fans have been speculating that maybe whoever took Beth was staying at the house and it was all a trap, Gimple revealed that is not the case.

“It actually was a lovely place, and there is…it was a lovely place,” said Gimple. “There was a backstory to it that we…Curtis Gwinn who wrote that episode had a very, very cool backstory that is there, but we didn’t need to tell it, because we can only tell so much.”

Gimple continued “There was a nice old fellow living there. He was an undertaker. He was taking dead bodies and making them whole before burying them again, as some funeral directors would.”

“He died on one of these runs in a very actual mundane way. He couldn’t get his nitroglycerin pills in time,” said Gimple.

Gimple also revealed that the scene was never shot because the script was rather epic, so it was just a story that the writers had for themselves.

Also During the Talking Dead Season Preview Special, AMC released a special sneak preview trailer for Season 5 of The Walking Dead. We’ve embedded the full trailer below.

In The Walking Dead Season 5 teaser, Carol, Tyreese and Baby Judith are traveling along the train tracks, when Carol spots a herd of walkers approaching. The trio run into the woods to hide from the walkers, and the preview ends with the horde of walkers still approaching.

It should also be noted that the back of a sign for Terminus can be seen in the background, so it’s likely that the trio is headed toward where Rick and the others are imprisoned. Expect more later this month when the first trailer for season 5 will premiere July 25 at San Diego Comic Con.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres during October 2014 on AMC.