Ghostbusters Spinoff Starring Channing Tatum & Chris Pratt Is Being Developed

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Director Paul Feig is currently working on his female-led Ghostbusters reboot for Sony, which we know from recent leaked emails could feature Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, Lizzy Caplan or even Ryan Gosling. Though, that might not be the only Ghostbusters film in Sony's pipeline. According to emails that The Daily Beast has viewed,Channing Tatum ("21 Jump Street") pitched Sony executives on a Ghostbusters film that would be a spinoff of Feig's. Tatum wants to star in it, alongside his 10 Years co-star, Chris Pratt ("Guardians Of The Galaxy + Jurassic World").

An email from Tatum to Pascal concerning Ghostbusters dated August 21 says, “Let us show the world The DarkSide and let us fight it with all the glory and epicness of a HUGE BATMAN BEGINS MOVIE. I know we can make this a huge franchise. Fun adventure craziness. COME OONNNN!!!”

The next day, Hannah Minghella, co-president of production for Columbia Pictures, sent an email to Amy Pascal outlining Tatum's plan, which also includes the Russo brothers ("Captain America: The Winter Soldier") as thefilm's producers. Who would possibly direct it? Sounds like Paul Feig is prepared to do a Ghostbusters double dip, he's negotiating to helm it.
“So… in a curious turn of events - the Russos and Channing want to develop Ghostbusters as a vehicle for Channing and Chris Pratt to do together,” wrote Minghella. 

“The Russos, Channing and Reid have been brainstorming ideas and want to create a whole new mythology that would support multiple movies (the way that Nolan reinvented Batman). To be clear - the Russos want to produce (not direct) and while Channing and Chris are looking for a movie to do together they haven't mentioned this to him yet because they weren't sure how we'd react.

They want to make it simultaneously super scary while also super funny. They love the idea that they are mortal heroes who are believers in the paranormal and the only people who can defend mankind from a paranormal threat. I know we're mid negotiations with Paul [Feig]. I'm not sure whether we'd ever develop two different versions simultaneously.

Joe Russo is open to the idea that both movies could be developed in partnership so they compliment one another within the same Ghostbusters universe. Apparently the Russos are very close to Paul and Joe suggested Paul could be attached to direct both. 

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