Game Of Thrones Producers Say Season 5 Will Bend Storylines

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So far in Game of Thrones we have had dozens of storylines to keep us entertained as the fight for the Seven Kingdoms stretched across every corner of the map, but according to the producers we will start to see some of these storylines intertwining when series 5 hits our screens next month.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, David Benioff and Dan Weiss described series 5 as “Very rich”, and said that “Worlds are colliding”.

“For so long, we’ve been in separate continents, and finally this season we’re starting to see some crossover. Tyrion and Arya—at end of season 4, we saw two major characters bound for Essos. That changes everything for us. It’s exciting to see our familiar characters in unfamiliar locales and interact with each other, and hopefully we’ll see more of this as the story progresses.” Benioff told EW.  

“The storylines are blending in exciting ways,” said producer Bryan Cogman. “It’s like Phase 2 of Thrones.”

“Also, a lot of our major characters in one way or another find themselves in positions of power. Some are seeking it, and some stumble into it. And if there’s one common thread, it’s what they do in these positions of power – you got this thing, so what happens next?” said Bryan Cogman.

Benioff also says dynamics will change as the series reaches the end of Martin’s published work.

“Everybody’s curious. Some actors don’t want to know. Some want to know everything. But if an actor knows their character is going to die at a certain time, we don’t want them playing like that’s going to be their fate.”

Game of Thrones Season 5 premiers April 12 on HBO.

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