Game Of Thrones' George R.R. Martin The Walking Dead Survival Tip

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A Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin recently binge-watched The Walking Dead, and as he told Entertainment Weekly, all of the characters on the show are missing out on one big opportunity for safety. “Castles!” Martin tells EW.

“Whatever is happening in the United States during The Walking Dead, I’m sure they’re a lot better off in England because they’re in castles. If they had any brains, they’d go to the existing castles and reinforced the walls. They can patrol on the bullwarks. No way is a zombie [getting through]—medieval seige armies couldn’t break castles with conventional artillery, and zombies don’t use artillery. Zombies don’t build trebuchets. They don’t build siege towers. There is no way they can break into a well-defended castle.”

The idea of staying in a castle kinda seems like a great idea actually, seeing as they were already built to keep people out.

But then again one of the biggest threats in The Walking Dead as we all know now is that anyone who dies comes back as a walker a short time later. Meaning that if you lock yourself in a castle and someone dies, it would be like The Red Wedding.

Of course, there are other complications: getting supplies and weapons, and of course hostile fellow survivors. But Castle’s do at least take care of the shelter and security problem better than most other structures could.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres April 12 on HBO.

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