Flash Review Episode 17, Trickster

Image via: screenrant.com

Image via: screenrant.com

Notes before reading: I am NOT a reviewer, I'm merely a huge fan of the The Flash comics, and like to believe that I know the series and the characters incredibly well. This review is made purely from the standpoint of a fan, who wants to see his favorite Flash characters hit the big screen in a creative fashion, and that I do this review for no reason other to get my thoughts out. If you agree, more power to you, but if not, honestly, it's fine. Not at all a big deal. Rather inconsequential, even.

Finally we have the appearance of the Trickster! Another Rogue has entered the Flash world. And the return of Mark Hamill as the Trickster! In addition we have some more secrets about the Reverse Flash. Though we do get two Tricksters for the price of one, using both incarnations of the character. Axel Walker and Jesse James. I can't wait to see what they have for us this week. Either way, let's dive in right away, shall we?

A huge start this episode, Barry and Joe discuss the Reverse Flash. And what Harrison's connection to him might be. They're at a loss, comparing his behavior to what he could what, and finding that there is nothing. They can't find any reason why he would take Barry in, make him better, if he was working with the man in yellow.

They're interrupted however, by presents falling from the sky. At first this appears harmless, insignificant even. However these parachute presents, were actually parachute bombs. The bombs begin to explode upon hitting the ground, Barry suits up and begins moving people out of range of the explosions. As he takes care of the bombs, a man under the handle of "Trickster" takes credit for the terrorism act. However it turns out he's not the first one..
We have the second in depth flashback of the day Nora Allen died. While Barry is whisked away by The Flash, the Reverse Flash makes his escape. However, he collapses, falling to the ground. Finding himself unable to run. He consults his AI, who tells him he's lost his ability to move at super speed and travel through time. He unmasks himself and yells to the sky, clearly enraged. However Wells isn't beneath the mask. A blond is.

Comic book compare is coming early. Now typically Eobard Thawne is portrayed a blond(Sometimes it's shown as white from Speed Force exertion.) So what does this mean for him? Did being trapped in the past change his hair color, or is it something darker. Did something happen to the real Wells? The Reverse Flash has no problems taking the place of someone to fulfill his own personal desires. Is that happening now?

Upon finding out that the Trickster is the second of his kind,, Barry and Joe go to visit the original. Who as predicted is quite the lunatic. He seems to be furious at the pretender. Stating that this new Trickster lacked originality. That the two were nothing alike and never would be anything alike. He wants him down just as much as the police, specially when he learns that he's still his stich, as well. However, he refuses to directly help them. He does give accurate information to help them, however.

Next Barry and Joe track him down to his old warehouse, trying to see if their are any clues as to who the new Trickster is. The place appears to have been left barren and untouched for years, since the 90's when Trickster was originally caught. At least, until they try the armory. Which has been booby trapped, causing an explosion which revealed no bombs to be found. Barry and Joe go to confront Jesse, who is further outraged that someone is stealing his act in such a way. Barry also finds time to console his father, assuring him that they'd get him out.

Barry begins acting coldly towards Wells, suspecting his involvement with his mothers death. Harrison is unable to distinguish that it's aimed at him, but tries his best to get Barry on the right track. Joe also tries to make sure he keeps Wells in the dark. Despite Wells efforts Barry remains detached, and does his best to distance himself from him. When Barry does something, he goes all in.

We flash back to 15 years ago. Where Harrison Wells is charming a girl named "Tess". The two have excellent chemistry, but the entire thing feels wrong. Almost as if it's fleeting happiness. The talk of joy and dreams reveal such.. While they ponder the future of STAR labs, the mysterious stranger, The Reverse Flash watches. Waiting, but for what? That has yet to be scene, but one can only assume it's nothing good for those involved. Especially Harrison Wells.

Next we get back to Reporter Iris, I say that because she's actually good at what she does. She's not the woman behind the Flash, she's a reporter in her own right. She calls in the Flash for help in finding her reporter friend(Who was killed by RF Last episode.) However Barry has much more pressing issues, so he tries to play it off. He promises to look into. They're cut short y another Trickster broadcast. Barry rushes in head first in order to locate the bomb supposedly planted by Trickster in a certain radius. With the help of the CCPD.

This scene is really important, because we get to see more of Iris. Beyond being the love interest, and beyond being Flash's PR woman. Iris like many women in comics suffers from Lois Lane syndrome. Being famous for being the woman behind the man. But she's more than that, much more in fact. She's a true journalist, and she deserves her spotlight.

Barry is running in a circle, covering the same amount of ground over and over again. However he refuses to listen Wells on the possibility of the bomb being a diversion. Only serving to check on it again and again. While Barry searches for a bomb that was never there, the Trickster breaks into Iron Heights Prison. Using his bombs to release the original Trickster, even taking Henry Allen hostage. Barry is shocked and appalled to find that he had done nothing but fall for a giant Trick.

Barry tries his best to find his dad before the Tricksters have another chance to strike, however while he does that, the two Tricksters are bonding over the mayhem they have planned together. Henry tries to talk the younger one out of being a pawn, but he doesn't listen. His resolve is strengthen when he discovers the title is his birthright, as he is the son of the Trickster. Using Henry as leverage, the two began to hatch a plan to flip Central City onto it's knees.

Now to compare one Trickster to another. In reference to the comics Trickster, this portrayal is spot on. A misguided soul with a somewhat twisted sense of humor. Though this version of the Trickster is certainly far more homicidal, it does bring us back to the days of John Wesely's Flash, which I may add is simply amazing to see. The shows use of past and current characters really peaces everything together. And brings it to life. Another Rogue brought onto the screen right. It leaves me wanting more Trickster.

The Trickster and son infiltrate a socialite party in honor of the mayor. Placing a toxin in the wine of everyone present. Iris is among attendance, being there as a representative for the press. As they hatch there plan there, Barry and Joe have a heart to heart. About everything that's happened, that's happening. They show how much more to Barry Allen there is besides being the Flash. One of the things that for me makes the Flash such a great hero is his sense of humility and promise, always seeing the best in everyone. The same can be said for this incarnation, Wells guilt can't stop him from running with an open heart.

The Flash becomes aware of what's happening, and tries his best to stop the situation. Especially when Iris becomes threatened, however the Trickster has thought ahead. Using the old motion sensor bomb. If he slows down it explodes. If he tampers with it, it explodes.
Forcing him into a state of constant motion. And then Wells comes up with greatest idea. The epitome of speed powers. Vibration. By becoming as dense as air while following Wells vivid description Barry manages to ditch the bomb. Harrison describing the "Speed Force" and the power it's lightning gives proved to be efficient in the end of the day.

This scene is great for diving into the Flash being the master of speed, but it also shows how to truly keep ahead of him. Running faster doesn't help if you're faster where it counts, which is the entire point of the Rogues. Thinking faster and subsequently smarter, in order to outdo their powerful adversary.

We move back to past Wells and Tess, who are driving home. Enjoying each others company even with the occasion flirt here and there. The man in yellow is still watching them, stalking them. Hunting them as it would seem, laying out spikes in the road to turn there dream moment into a nightmare. He checks to see if they are able to survive his assault, refusing to id Wells with Tess because in his time she had been dead for centuries anyway, and her life was meaningless to him. Leaving Wells to struggle to escape beneath the car.

In the present Barry uses a cure synthesized by STAR labs to cure everyone of the poison, effectively stopping the Tricksters. He forces them to do one more thing, which is reveal the location of his father to him. In mere moments Henry Allen is safe, and among everyone else at STAR labs. This is also the first time he officially meets everyone, thanking them for being there for Barry. For helping him when he was down and out when he needed them most. Only Joe and Barry are aware of the tension of the moment. Joe takes him back to prison, leaving the others to relax.

Next as we near the end of the episode we have Eddie Thawne, ancestor to our current villain being confronted by Joe and Barry. Who let him on the Flashes secret in order to help prevent Iris from getting involved. Eddie takes the news surprisingly well. And joins their crusade to stop Harrison Wells. After misleading Iris, Barry comes up with a theory. Wells described how to use the powers from experience, he is the Reverse Flash. The only thing left now, was to catch him in the act.

With one final look on the past, we see Eobard ruthlessly kill Harrison Wells. Using future technology to rob him of his genetic make-up. Needing to be Harrison Wells in order to speed up the birth of the Flash. He takes the form of a man in a terrible accident, who lost the girl of his dreams. When in reality, he's a deranged killer from 4 centuries in the future. What does this hold for our heroes? One can only wonder.

High Light of the Episode for me: Eobard Thawne stealing the identity of Harrison Wells. It's really good to see the cold ruthless killer from the future. The Reverse Flash will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, no matter who gets in his way and no matter needs to be done. Eobard Thawne killed Harrison Wells, replaced him, and is working on his own agenda. That is by far the greatest part o this episode for me. Really starting to like this version of Professor Zoom.

Overall Rating: Definitely one of the better episodes. Tonight we got the introduction of a Rogue, both old and new. Both played to perfection by their brilliant actors. Now they did have their moments of predictability, which isn't really the shows MO. Though in this episode it was rather unavoidable as they're drawing a lose. We also get some great insight on Barry's character. As he becomes less of a Peter Parkerish Flash, and more like his silver age counterpart. With the fate of the Flash legacy in the balance, and everything Barry knows being called into question, this is an amazing episode. Totally earned it' overall rating of a 10 out of 10.