Flash Review Episode 15, Out of Time

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Image via: joblo.com


Episode 15, Out of Time.

Notes before reading:

I am NOT a reviewer, I'm merely a huge fan of the The Flash comics, and like to believe that I know the series and the characters incredibly well. This review is made purely from the standpoint of a fan, who wants to see his favorite Flash characters hit the big screen in a creative fashion, and that I do this review for no reason other to get my thoughts out. If you agree, more power to you, but if not, honestly, it's fine. Not at all a big deal. Rather inconsequential, even.

So here we have the return of the true Weather Wizard. As well as the crew becoming suspicious of, and discovering the secret of Harrison Wells. Well Wells be the monster that murdered Nora Allen in cold blood, or is he a speedster with entirely different goals? And how will this new Weather Wizard be superior to the old? Honestly I can't wait, so let's get started.

We start off with a flashback, to the night the Accelerator exploded. We have the late Weather Wizard, and his brother making a daring escape from Joe West. Even managing to kill his partner as they get away, and flee by plane blindly into the storm. The two are caught up in the wave of particle energy, which subsequently rips the plane in half. Leaving the brothers separated.

In the beginning we have Linda and Barry on a date. It's a really cute and touching scene, filled with witty banter. Which is quite typical of Linda, and is truly great to see her in such a way. We haven't really gotten to explore this version of the Linda Park. However, our chances are squashed when Iris steps in, prompting them to turn it into a double date. Something neither of there dates seem to thrilled about, but they seem very determined.

The scene cuts out, to a morgue. Where the morgue keeper has a very unhappy, and unpleasant visitor. Weather Wizard, or at the very least his brother. Whose taking up his late siblings name sake. Seemingly his powers are much more advanced and in a sense far more powerful. As he's able to generate more than wind, but create and harness all manners of weather. He is searching for the killer of his brother, and is willing to anything to get the answers that he wants.

For the comic compare, like most villains on this show, Weather Wizard is a metahuman. Which I mind interesting, I thought for sure that they'd go with the comic book plot for his abilities and that he was using technology to mimic his abilities in order to get his revenge. But this version of weather wizard received his powers like most characters on the show, and has spent his time seemingly honing his powers. Only returning for the sake of vengeance. This is similar to the comics in the sense of Weather Wizard putting family before all else.

And for those of you who are unfamiliar, you may remember him from his appearance on Superman: The Animated Series. He was the villain with a large weather machine who was attempting to destroy the Flash and Superman as they raced across the globe.

He's also a key member of the Flashes Rogues, who are slowly but surely arriving on the Flash. Though we still need Top. Trickster and Mirror Master for the complete set, we're definitely getting there. No matter how slow it may seem.

His powers are strikingly different compared to the Pre 52 incarnation, but much more similar to that of the New 52. In the sense of cloud manipulation to create weather patterns. It's very interesting to see the motions that are seemingly specific to each weather pattern creates. Opening a whole ballad of questions about how well trained he is.

Going back to the date night, we see Barry and Iris doing what seems to be unintentionally flirting with one and other. Much to the dismay of their partners who seem more aware of it than they are. However it seems that Iris is the one pushing it, and moving more than Barry. Though he naturally goes along with it, rather than resisting. Linda is most obvious about it, trying to keep the two apart and focus on the game. Until, Eddie is called away by a homicide, and Barry follows suit. Leaving the two girls alone awkwardly.

When they arrive, the keeper is dead. Barry is still showing his amazing promise as a forensic scientist, which is pretty cool to see. Because he is a hero in and out of his mask. He is able to determine the cause of death was blunt force trauma, by hail. Which is odd considering the weather and the fact that he was inside a building. Reviewing footage reveals the killer to be one of two infamous criminals in Central City, the other being shot dead by Joe 6 months earlier. And he wants to repay that in kind.

Speaking of the very devils S.T.A.R. labs is working on something that can put Weather Wizard down, while Joe becomes slightly obsessed with finding him. The typical cop with a vendetta stick. Barry seems to only have the desire to stop him, while Joe feels it's something he needs to do, as he's the one who nearly caught them the first time. Inn the end Cisco creates a tool called 'The wand" which takes away required energy to generate storm, stating that Joe can use it to protect himself.

While Joe is being put under forced protection by the police force, Iris gets a moment to confront Eddie. Who specifically seems unhappy with her. Iris is confused, but listens to what he has to say. Eddie is convinced that there is something between them, no matter how many times he or Barry denies it. And he mentions, that they need to either find a way past it, or forget them completely, leaving Iris bewildered.

Back with Iris, we have her reporter friend yet again doing some snooping. Revealing that there may be more to Harrison Wells than meets the eye. Iris is skeptical, but takes a look at his evidence. Showing that the episode may finally be leading to the big reveal. They bring back Simon Stagg, who mysteriously went missing. Iris is able to understand where he's coming from, and agrees to ask S.T.A.R. labs(Barry) about it. She eventually gets her chance, but he assures her that Wells is a good man.

Getting back to Joe, he is still trying to convince them to let him take the lead on the case. However the chief does not want another man dead to him, so he agrees to let him over see the case. But claims that they will handle the detective work. Before he can argue anymore, Weather Wizard appears and attacks them, Easily dispatching all the men as Joe attempts to reason with him. It seems he's a goner, until he is saved as well.

The Flash soon appears to deal with him. But not soon enough, which is pretty important. Because even Barry has some form of limits and no matter how hard he tries, he will be to slow at times. Barry uses "The wand" to stop him from using his powers to cause any further damage, however he does manage to escape as Barry and Joe are focused on helping the injured officer.

While Joe and Barry try to deal with Weather Wizard, the other members of the Flash crew ponder another problem. Could Wells really be the Reverse Flash? Cisco begins to look into and go over calculations. Even convincing Catilin to keep him out of STAR labs so he can search more in depth. Prompting her to take him out somewhere the next day so he can do his work. Reluctantly, she agrees. Joe begins to search for Weather Wizard, knowing him far better than anyone else. Joe is accompanied by Eddie, much to his own dismay. Barry moves out, ready to confront him again.

Iris is confronted by Linda, who has the same claims as Eddie. Iris rebukes and rebuffs everything, but Linda is convinced that she is in love with Barry. Iris is left alone to think about these possible facts. Had she fallen for Barry Allen? The episode moves onto Cisco as he continues to search through his machine to see why and how Reverse Flash got out. And he stumbles onto to something disturbing, the Reverse Flash is still inside?

Weather Wizard is found out by Joe and Eddie, but easily over powers them, and kidnaps his long time foe. Stating that he will get revenge for his brothers death no matter he has to do, or how he does it. Eddie awakens to late to do anything, and begins to rally the police force to stop him. Though it seems he's going to have very little success, if any.

This side of Weather Wizard is interesting, because while brash, angry and temperamental he's also very smart. Able to out think and out move to trained detectives. It should be noted that he's a superhuman, but this is still quite the impressive feat. As we've seen Joe is pretty sharp, and it's hard to imagine any ordinary thug getting the drop on him. Weather Wizard however is another story.
Coming to an end, Catilin is talking with Harrison. She is notable distraught and uncomfortable with biding time with him. Cisco is still working hard to understand what or how what happened. He seems maintain innocence though, helping her to even continue to come to terms with the loss of Ronnie. Claiming that they and Cisco could work on a way to effectively track him. Catilin smiles believing in his innocence and says they should go, however when she stands and turns around, he's no where to be found. In the CCPD building we see Barry and Iris dealing with Joe's kidnapping, as Weather Wizard desires Iris to see him in order to even the score.

Barry and Iris rush to the seen. As Joe is forced to watch while Weather Wizard prepares to destroy everything he holds dear. Barry is trying to think of an excuse to leave, or a reason to change into the Flash. However Iris does not desire for him to go, or more specifically for him to leave her alone. Pressed for options with the impending title wave, Barry changes into the Flash right in front of her.(After they have a nearly tearful reunion where they address there feelings for one and other.) With Cisco we have him being confronted by Harrison, who reveals that his real name is Eobard Thawne. EOBARD, FREAKING THAWNE. Stating that he never intended to kill Barry's mother, and was gunning for Barry the entire time.

This is really ground breaking. Comparing this Harrison to the comics we see that he is just as ruthless and cunning. However he seems to prefer the final victory, compared to the comic book Thawne who wanted Barry to suffer, and nothing more than for Barry to suffer. Now I was one of those people who thought he was a future speedster that wasn't Eobard Thawne. But seeing how he needed Barry does explain a lot, but it opens the table for even more questions.

Reaching the end of the episode, Barry desperately seeks help from the Flash crew with how to stop the tidal wave headed for Central City. At first he gets to no answer, due to the recent events happening within STAR labs. We have Eobard ruthlessly kill Cisco, after giving him a tearful goodbye stating that they were like family. But his needs span over centuries, and out weigh Cisco's life value. Catilin discovers the body, but helps Barry while also mourning for her friends. Barry attempts to create a wind barrier to stop the tidal wave, but he pushes to far, and ends up in the past.

High Light of the Episode for me.: Barry time traveling. It's by far the best part in the entire episode. It's very similar to a scene in an Justice League comic I read, where the Flash is running so fast that he passes himself. And that's exactly what happened. Barry managed to almost effortlessly break the time barrier, and travel back to the middle of the episode. Where he had been spooked by another speedster prior. It's reset reality, and opens up entirely new possibilities for the Flash. Eobard's secret is safe, for now.

Overall Rating: Now this episode gave us a lot of really good things. It gave Joe slightly importance, which I feel he's been lacking as of late. He's Barry's guide, and his wiseman. Someone he needs in order to perform well, but who at the same time needs him just as much. It's for them to touch on that. Next is the Flash crew, who have been falling apart as of late. The episode displays the perfect tension among the Flash crew members, especially when we reach the climax. The Reverse Flashes reveals is beaten around the bush, but well earned in the end. Making this one you definitely don't want to miss. The Flash writers again have brilliantly brought characters from the pages, onto the screen. Though it does seem to fall short on it's delivery. But other than that, flawless, flawless episode. 9/10-10/10.