First Trailer For DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Released

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Following today's announcement at the CW Upfront Presentation, CW released a trailer giving fans there first look at the upcoming Arrow & The Flash spinoff series Legends of Tomorrow.

Rumors have swirled for months about a third DC Comics TV show on The CW. And now we finally have are first look. The trailer for CW's new super hero series shows mashed up footage previously seen in trailers or episodes of Arrow and The Flash, but also packed with new footage of characters and heroes who haven't yet been introduced to CW's super hero universe.

This action-packed four-minute preview also offers a epic glimpse at what the new team will be facing, with cameos from Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) and Grant Gustin (Barry Allen). Check it out below:

It seems Sara Lance is back via the Lazarus Pits, but when, where, and who saved her is up for question. And it also seems she'll be taking on the name White Canary.

We also got a glimpse of Ciara Renee's portrayal of Hawkgirl soaring. After a title card introduces her, she takes flight from her perch on top of building. 

Rip Hunter also dropped in. After introducing himself as Rip Hunter from East London and the future, he lets our heroes know that he is a member of the Time Masters a group that protects history. Rip Hunter prophesizes to the team that there is a Apocalyptic future ahead that will be created by Vandal Savage if the Legends don't succeed in stopping him. The CW confirmed during their Upfront event this morning, that the immortal will be the villain of the series.  

But the best part of the trailer for me is a moment fans have all been waiting for. Ray Palmer shrinks down at the end.

What was your favorite moment from the new Legends of Tomorrow trailer? Are you excited as us?

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