Father And Son Team Build Mind Blowing Transformers From Used Car Parts

Image via: ign.com

Get ready to say WOW!! A father and son team in China's Hunan province have taken ingenuity and elbow grease to the next level by transforming used car parts and other found objects into massive-scale Transformers replicas. 

According to Shanghaiist, after the Transformers films blew up big in cinemas, the two saw a chance for possible joint-business venture.

The father already possessing a background in fine arts. Yu Zhilin and his son, used an abandoned factory to house and create their works of art made entirely from found objects like scrap metal and used car parts. 

Their first model took over three years to complete, says Sina News. But with experience under their belts, the amateur-builder business rakes in a reported one million RMB each year – that’s around £108K or about $160K. Now that's a nice pay-day. But i do wonder if there will be any copyright controversy overtime. 

What over-sized replica would you like to see built. I would like to have a big Hulkbuster replica. Or maybe have a massive redwood tree carved out to look like Groot.

Source: http://www.ign.com/ and http://www.escapistmagazine.com/