Fan Starts Petition For Quentin Tarantino To Direct Deadpool 2


On Saturday, news broke that Deadpool director Tim Miller had walked away from directingDeadpool 2. Reports claimed that Miller’s quitting was over creative differences with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, specifically in reference to the casting of Deadpool’s time-traveling mutant partner Cable.

With Miller gone, the sequel to the surprise superhero success story of 2016 is in need of a new director. At least one fan has a certain someone in mind.

Carl Champion Jr. has launched a petition asking Reynolds to give the Deadpool 2 director’s chair to Quentin Tarantino. Here’s the text of Champion’s petition:

If there was ever a chance to see Tarantino do a project almost guaranteed to make a billion dollars, this is it. We got a great taste of what this could be like in Kill Bill, but imagine having a guy like Tarantino write dialogue for The Merc with the Mouth! It would be so glorious. Join me!

Champions petition at the time of this writing has 644 supporters and is seeking 1000. If the petition reaches 1000 supporters, then...well, we’re not really sure what is supposed to happen. There’s no telling if Tarantino has any interest in directing a Deadpool movie. Reynolds is a producer on Deadpool 2, but – assuming he’s even aware of this petition – it isn’t like he can go and kidnap Tarantino and force him to work on Deadpool 2.

Ultimately, fan-supporting petitions are kind of a dime a dozen and tend not to amount to much of anything. The search for a new Deadpool 2 directly is likely already on the way, and who knows? Maybe Tarantino's name has been tossed around the 20th Century Fox offices, but hiring the Academy Award-winning director would likely up the budget of the film considerably from the relative shoestring budget of the originalDeadpool. A budget increase for Deadpool 2 is already inevitable, but we can’t know how much money Fox is willing to put into the project.

Tarantino is known for creating films that feature frenetic, stylized action and frequently mix in pop culture references, such as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. That combination is likely what attracts Champion and his supporters to the idea of Tarantino directing Deadpool 2, as Deadpool himself is a character that tends to mix visually arresting violence with pop culture relevant and frequently meta-textual jokes and references.

Despite losing its director and struggling to land on an actor to play Cable, the script forDeadpool 2 is still being worked on. In addition to Deadpool and Cable, Deadpool 2 will also feature Domino, a mutant mercenary with good luck powers who was a Cable’s love interest when the duo was first created by Rob Liefeld, the same artist who created Deadpool. The rumored shortlist of actresses up for the Domino role is said to include Mackenzie DavisMary Elizabeth Winstead and Lizzy Caplan.