Rumor: The Master will return in a Cliffhanger ending?

We haven't seen the Master since he disappeared along with the entire planet of Gallifrey during the 2010 Doctor Who episode "The End of Time." Clearly, after 50 years' worth of traveling in time and space, we all knew better than to think we'd seen the last of the renegade Time Lord, but where has he been? And when will he return?

Rumors have been spinning around the web for a while now that Peter Capaldi's first year as the Doctor might, in fact, be the time we'll finally see the Master return!! But the details beyond that have been sketchy at best.

But the latest rumor out of The Daily Star is that the Master won't actually return until the very end of the upcoming eighth series.

The Master will make a sensational return from the grave for the finale of the new series. Bosses have secretly plotted to bring the Time Lord’s arch enemy back for a big cliffhanger. And it’s rumoured they are looking for a Hollywood actor to take on the role. Filming will take place next month but will be done inside a TV studio to avoid spoilers.

A big cliffhanger? Well, that's how we encountered the Master last time, too. Still the whole "Hollywood actor" thing ... you know Charles Dance "Tywin Lannister" Dance was rumored for the part not so long ago, and he is in need of a new job, so what do we have to loose.

I say PLEASE bring him back.What do you think? 

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