Evangeline Lilly Says Marvel "Shocked The Pants Off" Her While Working On Ant-Man

Image via: Marvel616.com

Image via: Marvel616.com

Evangeline Lilly has a book coming out this month called The Squickerwonkers, and while chatting to Comic Vine about that they also asked her about working on Ant-Man, and when we can expect to see some new promotional material for it.

Lilly says that although she's wrapped now, the movie will continue shooting until the end of December, and we will have some news on it "very soon". She also had the following to say about her surprising experience working on such a big Marvel production.

"Honestly, it’s easy for me to talk about it. I’ve had such a wonderful experience. Marvel Studios has shocked the pants off me. I really expected to be walking into a great big machine that would be so well oiled and anybody new with new ideas or new contributions would just be a pain in the butt. Marvel could not have been more opposite to those expectations. They’ve been collaborative in a way that makes me feel like—and I know you’re going to say this is bullcrap but it’s totally true—in a way that makes me feel like I was working on a little indie project. I mean, it was that intimate and that collaborative. I just had a wonderful experience."

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