Elektra Possibly Confirmed For Daredevil Season 2 By Audition Videos?

Image via: comicbookmovie.com

Image via: comicbookmovie.com

A casting call appears to be underway for one of Marvels major characters.

With Season 2 officially on a go ahead for Netflix and Marvel's brilliant Daredevil series, it appears as if the show is going to introduce none other than Daredevil's love interest Elektra.

Audition videos popped up yesterday of two actresses believed to be trying out for the role. 

The two actresses in the videos are apparently actresses Shiva Kalaiselvan and Louisa Mignone, both of which were featured in scenes of the apparent "Elektra" interacting with a criminal first, and then a college Matt Murdock. 

As things normally go, there aren’t any obvious mentions of Elektra in the videos, but the conclusion, seems to point at them reading for the role as Elektra. And the fact that they removed so quickly could also be a strong indication that they could have been the real thing. 

According to ComicBook, one of the scenes is between the apparent Elektra and a potential victim, that she apparently talked into abandoning his criminal operation that had him “hurting innocent people because you’re too lazy to get rich the hard way,” and it also mentions her having a partner that isn’t aware of what she’s doing. Sounds about right.

The second scene is apparently between "Elektra" and Matt. In which "Elektra" is flirting with Matt back in college. You might remember from the first season of Daredevil that Foggy teased Matt about his Greek college flame. That would probably be Elektra. 

Are you hoping to see Elektra in Daredevil season 2? 

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