Anthony Mackie Says Captain America: Civil War Will Be Avengers 3.8

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During an appearance on WTTG Fox 5 news while promoting his new drama, Black or White, Anthony Mackie aka The Falcon discussed Captain America Civil War. And he reiterated that he will get a new suit and a set of Falcon wings in Captain America: Civil War, given his original pair were destroyed in The Winter Soldier. 

"I have a brand new costume; I'm full in effect" he reassured.

"I will tell you this: Cap 3 is gonna be everything you can imagine. Cap 2 was really Avengers 1.5, and Cap 3 is gonna be Avengers 3.8.." 

With that comment, is pretty safe to assume there will be even more superhero characters in Civil War, which kicks off "Phase 3" of Marvel's Cinematic Universe?

But only time will tell. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!