Dwayne Johnson Hints (Again) at What DC Superhero He’ll Play

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is playing one of the biggest and best-known mythological characters of all time in Brett Ratner’s Hercules, but he’s been itching to do a more traditional superhero movie for years now. He’s been in talks with DC to star in a movie for them, and though we don’t officially, 100% know for a fact what it is, Johnson’s recent interview with Total Film essentially confirms that he’ll be starring in a Shazam movie.

With the recent rumor that WB/DC have a Shazam movie planned for 2016, it makes sense that Johnson may take on the lead role. Take a look at this interview:

Note the pause and the carefully chosen line: “Just say the word.” That’s not an accident, folks – that’s a reference to the fact that young Billy Batson can transform into the superheroic Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel) simply by saying his name.

We’ll have to see if Johnson ends up starring in The Janson Directive and if he can make room in his busy schedule for Shazam, but this has been something he’s been passionate about for years, so it stands to reason that he’ll make it a priority. I expect we’ll hear an official announcement at Comic-Con this week, so stay tuned to hear more!