Inspiration for Wonder Woman's big-screen costume?

There's a rumor going around that her costume will come from a very particular comic-book source.

Ever since the Internet went all meme-happy upon first glimpsing Ben Affleck in costume as Batman two weeks ago, we've been wondering when Zack Snyder and company will give us a glimpse at the other new character coming to Warner Bros.' budding superhero franchise: Wonder Woman. Sure, it was fun to see the Batsuit, but for many fans getting a look at Gadot in Wonder Woman garb is far more significant, as her appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will mark the first time Diana of Themyscira has ever appeared in a live-action movie. Will Snyder and company go for the classic look, the more updated look with pants, or something we've never seen before? 


We won't know for sure until Warner Bros. decides to show us, but for now, MoviePilot claims Gadot's costume will "resemble" the updated look for the character designed by Jim Lee that first appeared in Wonder Woman #600 in 2010. 

Yes, if this report is true, it seems Gadot's Wonder Woman -- like the version of the character from David E. Kelley's failed TV pilot. If so then she will sport pants rather than the skimpier pants-less costume the character's worn for much of her existence (including in current publications in DC's New 52).

This costume also broke with Wonder Woman tradition by redesigning her iconic bracelets, adding a number of interlaced gold straps on her shoulders and upper arms, making the pants black rather than blue and, of course, adding a jacket, which may have been the most divisive element of the costume when it was first revealed to fans. 

We don't know yet just how many (Or any) elements of Lee's redesign will be carried over to the big screen, but then again, we don't know if this really anything more than a rumor either. What do you think, though? Is this costume the right direction to take Wonder Woman's look for her first movie appearance?

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