Doctor Who Series 8 Full Length TV Launch Trailer

It was teased on Twitter all morning to take place on BBC One during the World Cup Final, and that got hundreds of thousands of people who don’t normally care about futbol watching the match. (I watched anyway because I enjoy the World Cup, for the record esp that amazing goal by germany.) But it was worth it! On the heels of all of the leaks, we finally have our first sanctioned look at Peter Capaldi’s first series of Doctor Who, co-starring Jenna Coleman and spoilers it looks awesome!

So, on top of starting with a Dalek talking cryptically and again hearing Clara say she doesn't know who the Doctor is, we were treated to the following list of insane images flashes:

-The Doctor in Victorian garb
-A steampunk cyborg guy
-A super weird (NEW) alien in a spacesuit
-Dinosaurs in London
-Clara falling
-Madame Vastra
-Space battles
-Creepy robot statue things
-The Doctor on a horse
-Clara being afraid of a red-headed lady
-Air blowing

The trailer features lots of great sci-fi action scenes, but there is one scene in particular that will likely stand out to most viewers. Yes, it looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex will terrorize London. We definitely get the sense that the Twelfth Doctor is going to be a lot darker and a lot more volatile than his predecessors and I think if anyone has the ability to do that it’s Peter Capaldi. Having Clara be unsure of him and his ways is a good starting-off point for the series, especially if he’s more bristly and less outwardly jovial as it appears he will be. Still, he’s the Doctor and he’s going to be brilliant. 

Oh, and Cosplayers everywhere now have several different looks to copy.

The new series of Doctor Who premieres Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c on BBC.