Doctor Who Creator Considered A Female Doctor In 1986

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Every time the Doctor reaches another regeneration, the discussion of potentially swapping the Time Lord's gender comes to the forefront. But now we know that this debate has been going on longer than we thought. 

CultBox reports Doctor Who creator Sydney Newman talked about the possibility of the Doctor eventually pulling a gender switch in a letter to BBC One controller Michael Grade back in October of 1986. Here's what Newman said:

"At a later stage, Dr. Who would be metamorphosed into a woman." He also added in the letter: "This requires some considerable thought – mainly because I want to avoid a flashy Hollywood ‘Wonder Woman’ because this kind of hero(ine) has no flaws – and a character with no flaws is a bore."

This discussion took place during the Colin Baker era, which Newman described as "largely socially valueless, escapist schlock." 

Only time will tell whether Steven Moffat, or whoever follows him, might eventually take a chance and change the Doctor's gender. It's interesting to hear that the idea has been floating around for so long, though.

Are you surprised that Sydney Newman considered the Doctor becoming a woman almost 30 years ago? Do you want to see a female Doctor in the near future? Tell us in the comments below.

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