"Dark Moon #3" Comic Review

By Spencer LoSchiavo

"Dark Moon" is an indie motion comic created by Tom Freeman.  It chronicles the adventures of a group of astronauts that in order to escape a cataclysmic event, escape to a distant moon, but did they simply jump out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Like the previous 2 issues, "Dark Moon #3" is just dripping with atmosphere. The dark and brooding illustrations combined with ambiant electronic music give this comic a very unique but familiar feel.  It's akin to films like Alien, but with a certain video game aesthetic and a much more complicated plot.

The story moves along quite nicely as this issue delves into the character's back stories a bit more.  It is an interesting choice that we barely ever get to see the characters' faces.  Mostly the characters are hidden behind a helmet of some kind.  This gives it a very mysterious atmosphere, but I feel like it might be at the expense of making some kind of connection to the characters.  So far through all the blood and terror, I have yet to really feel for any of these characters, but the mood of the comic and the continuing plot developments keep me interested.  

In the end, I highly recommend this comic.  It's dark, interesting, and highly entertaining.  I look forward to revisiting the world that Freeman has created.

You can read Dark Moon Issue #3 for free now HERE!