Daredevil Series Will Be Affected By Avengers & Will Contain Easter Eggs

Image via: screencrush.com

Image via: screencrush.com

The latest issue of Empire reveals some new details about how Daredevil fits into the tapestry of the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to Marvel Television’s Emma Fleischer, the series will rewind the timeline back to the first Avengers film, and deal with the fallout of the Chitauri invasion:

“We are still part of the Marvel Universe, but we are not explicitly in that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. world. We’re in our own corner. So the aliens came down and ruined the city, and this is the story of Hell’s Kitchen’s rebuild.”

As far as future appearances in other Marvel properties,, showrunner Steven S. DeKnight and star Charlie Cox warn that Daredevil will be very self-contained, with Easter eggs that tie the character in to the rest of the Marvel world:

“A couple of very casual Easter egg reference to other superheroes… In this show, Daredevil feels special, like a big thing, not an everyday occurence. It’s not like he’s one of that lot…”

DeKnight says he’s up for a second season if Netflix is willing:

“We certainly hope so! I mean, it’s totally up to Netflix. But I think it’s a phenomenal season and we certainly end up in a place where we could tell many other stories.”

Daredevil debuts on Netflix on April 10.

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