Daniel Craig hints at Possible James Bond Return


Daniel Craig has been the face of James Bond for years now, and it seems as if the actor would like to keep it that way. Many may remember the decidedly fatigued comments which Craig said about the franchise shortly after Spectre wrapped. Critics and moviegoers alike feared the actor had finally given up on the iconic role, prompting netizens to fan-cast stars like Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston for the part. But, now, Craig is clarifying his previous statements for good.

“They say that s**t sticks, and that definitely stuck,” he told Vulture about the comments during a recent interview. “It was the day after filming [wrapped on Spectre]. I'd been away from home for a year.”

Clearly, Craig was exhausted and more than a bit homesick after production wrapped. The deadly combination loosened the actor’s lips, no doubt prompting him to spill careless words about his future with James Bond. After a long rest, Craig seems like he’s more than ready to return to the franchise.

“As far as I'm concerned, I've got the best job in the world. I'll keep doing it as long as I still get a kick out of it,” he explained. “If I were to stop doing it, I would miss it terribly.”

The actor told the site that the folks working on James Bond haven’t had any conversations with him about a new film. “Everyone’s a bit tired,” he said.

It’s not surprising to hear the cast and crew are still beat by the blockbuster. Spectre was filmed between December 2014 and July 2015 before debuting later that October. The action-packed film saw Craig and his co-stars undertake thrilling action sequences which moviegoers gushed over. The espionage flick grossed more than $880 million worldwide, making it the second highest-earning film for the series after Skyfall.

Given the film’s success, it was hard to believe that Sony Studios would do whatever they could to make Craig reprise his role. Rumors spread earlier this year about the studio offering the actor more than $150 million to play James Bond again, but those stories were quickly questioned by industry insiders.

Luckily, it seems as if the studio might not need to cash out so much money to make Craig return. The actor is keen to take on James Bond again, making it all the more likely that Craig will star in Bond 25. The franchise’s executive producer Callum McDougall told BBC Radio the actor is still the franchise’s “first choice” for producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson.

If Craig should change his mind, there are plenty of other actors who’d be able to take up the mantle. Fans have campaigned for stars like Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender to play Bond. And even actresses such as Gillian Anderson have shown interest in the iconic character.

Currently, there is no official word about Bond 25. Keep checking with ComicBook.com to get all the latest updates on the spy thriller!