Close Up Look At Deadpool In Action On Set

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A photographer has snapped some amazing close-up images of Deadpool in action on the set of Tim Miller's upcoming R-rated superhero flick.

Also some more set video of Deadpool on set have emerged and these show Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) in action on Vancouver's Georgia Viaduct.

Ken, aka Pursuit23, has shared amazing photograph that he took of Deadpool with a gun. It appears to match the highway scene from the test footage that leaked last year.

Ken also has shared a Deadpool set video with plenty of gunfire in it.

Two other videos feature The Merc With A Mouth hiding behind a wrecked vehicle. As he ducks for cover in one and the other he aims his gun at a thug on a motorcycle and fires off a few rounds. The last video has Deadpool playing peek-a-boo behind the same vehicle. 

#Deadpool - Day 2 - Part 1 #yvrshoots

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#Deadpool - Day 2 - Part 2 #yvrshoots

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Here are three more videos. The first shows Deadpool shooting at a driver on a motorcycle and then someone getting shot and then him running. The second features Deapool just shooting at what seems to be the same motorcycle driver. The last shows Deadpool standing on top of a destroyed car then jumping of.  

Oh.. Hello there Ryan Reynolds.. Fancy seeing you here. #deadpool #yvrshoots

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Deadpool makes is way into theaters February 12, 2016.