Chapter 3, Dec. 4th: You Have GOT To Be Kidding, A Girl, Coming Here? (A Sherlock FanFic)

Authors's Note: Namialus wrote this chapter. In fact, he is writing all of the even numbered chapters, while Fenton Hardy Fan is writing all of the odd numbered chapters.

Natalie sat on the chair in the living room on John's laptop. It was evening, and John would be home from work soon. Sherlock was in the kitchen working with his equipment, and the two did not say any words to each other. Perhaps it was better that way, thought Natalie, as she surfed through the Internet. The past few days she had spent in London were not as fun as she expected it would be, and she was excited for John to come home. Sherlock didn't do anything to make Natalie enjoy her time here, (she wasn't sure he knew what enjoyment meant,) but Mrs. Hudson was kind enough to let Natalie stay at her house for lunch. Natalie enjoyed Mrs. Hudson's company, and was rather amazed at how Mrs. Hudson was able to put up with Sherlock for so much time. She was a strong woman.

Natalie's train of thought was broken by the sound of John entering the apartment. "Ah, Natalie," he greeted her, still wearing his jacket, "what have you been doing?"

"Well, nothing much. I went to Mrs. Hudson's earlier today," Natalie smiled, scrolling through her websites.

By now, Sherlock had left the kitchen and had sat down on one on the chairs by the fireplace. "Hello John."

"Hello, Sherlock," John said, turning back to Natalie. "Want to go out for some ice cream?"

Natalie jumped at the offer. She loved ice cream, and desperately needed to leave the house. "Yes!" she exclaimed, grabbing her coat. John grinned and left through the door, expecting Natalie to follow. As Natalie put on the coat, she froze and looked at Sherlock. Curiously, she asked, "are you gonna come with us?"

Sherlock sat in silence. "Just ignore him," John said, from the top of the stairs. Natalie awaited a reply, but instead Sherlock lifted his right hand, (which had been hidden behind the arm of he chair,) and revealed a handgun in his hand. Natalie's eyes slowly widened when she realized what he held as Sherlock pulled the trigger. Bullets pierced the wall, not far from where Natalie stood. The young girl shrieked, lifting her hands to cover her ears, and rushed down the stairs towards John. She did not stop screaming as the doctor placed his arm around her. "He does that, sometimes," John attempted to comfort her as he hurriedly opened the door into the street. Natalie could hear a faint "Oh stop that!" from Mrs. Hudson while leaving the building.

The cold breeze hit Natalie. She inhaled the cold air, finally relaxing without Sherlock around. The two began walking towards an ice cream place John mentioned. Natalie was amazed at the life in London – it was far different from what she was used to in Florida. London was far more crowded, with people bumping through each other on the sidewalk. Natalie was used to the more quiet life in Florida, but she enjoyed the new experience, except – "John!" Natalie shut her eyes in disbelief. Sighing, John looked behind him and saw none other than Sherlock trotting towards them. "John. You left without me."

Natalie, annoyed, interrupted. "I asked you if you were coming," she began raising her voice, "but you pointed a gun at me!"

Sherlock continued to stare at John. Without looking down at Natalie, he said, "I pointed a gun at the wall. You were intentionally standing near the wall – not my fault."

"I was-!"

"Oh, look who it is," said Sherlock, staring at two newcomers who froze in front of them. Natalie turned her head at Sherlock's statement, seeing a pair of adults. One was a light-skinned male with a long nose, while the other had a darker skin tone and was a female. Her mouth dropped at the sight of Sherlock. Her hand, which was being held by the other man's, frantically moved away, intending to hide the fact that they were holding hands. "Hello, Donovan." Natalie concluded that the female was named Donovan, considering Sherlock was looking at her. Both attempted to search for a response but still merely stood there, still frozen in disbelief. "It's okay. I've known this for a while," Sherlock said, and Natalie was still amazed at how the man would never show any emotions.

"Oh, Sherlock, leave them alone, would you?" John said. "Uh, hello," he turned to the two.

"Hi John," muttered Donovan.

"Anderson," John nodded at the man.

"Hello," replied Anderson, and Natalie noted that he seemed bitter.

"Oh, shut up," Sherlock sighed, resuming his walk down the sidewalk. The man moved right through the couple without thought.

"Hey!" spat Anderson, both at Sherlock's insults and his careless actions. The detective ignored him, continuing his walk.

Apologizing, John grabbed Natalie's hand and quickly followed Sherlock, leaving Donovan and Anderson behind.

"Um, who were they?" asked Natalie, as Sherlock was still a distance away.

"They work at Scotland Yard, we know them through our work." Natalie accepted the answer, joining Sherlock.

"I'm hungry," said Sherlock, suddenly stopping.

"Maybe after the ice cream, when we go home, I can make some dinner," Natalie offered. "Mom taught me how to cook."


"No?" John asked.

"Yes, no. No individuals eat ice cream before dinner. No one eats dessert before dinner." Sherlock faintly rolled his eyes. "It must be painful inside those little heads of yours."

"Well, I'm taking Natalie out for some ice cream. You can eat dinner whenever you want," John argued.

"Actually," Natalie smiled in thought, "I'm hungry too. Let's go home and I'll make dinner."

A few hours later, Sherlock, John, and Mrs. Hudson were sitting around the wooden table waiting for Natalie to finish cooking in the kitchen. "How much longer?" Sherlock asked.

"Almost-" Natalie hurriedly finished the food, "done!" Smiling, she placed the large tray in the centre of the table. Natalie had decided to make lasagna, one of the first foods her mom had taught her.

"Ooooh, it looks marvelous!" Mrs. Hudson complimented Natalie, placing a piece on her plate. Natalie handed out to both Sherlock and John, and then sat down to eat as well.

Placing a bite in his mouth, John muttered, "Mmm, this is good."

Natalie grinned in thanks, then turned to Sherlock. "Aren't you gonna try?"

Sherlock chewed, and then stopped, and then chewed, and then stopped to think, and then slowly said, "too much sauce."