Chapter 2, Dec. 3rd: You Have GOT to be Kidding, a Girl, Coming Here? (A Sherlock FanFic)

Authors Note: John slept on the couch, because he is nice and didn't want his guest to sleep there.

Natalie opened her eyes to stare at the unfamiliar ceiling of John's bedroom. Reaching out she grabbed her phone where it sat charging and fumbled off the alarm. While it was morning here in London, the night was still going strong in Florida, and her body knew it even if her mind felt too foggy to consciously remember the fact. She pulled some clothes out of her suitcase and changed before spending a minute or two on her hair. When she entered the kitchen, John was already there. Sherlock was nowhere to be seen, which was probably for the best considering last night.

"Tea?" he asked her, looking up from his laptop.

"Yes please," this was definitely one of those days that made a person crave caffeine.

Handing her a warm cup, the doctor asked, "Did you sleep well?"

Natalie nodded. After all, once she finally drifted off she had slept deeply, just not long enough. "Is that your blog?" she inquired, catching site of the website header.

Now he nodded, spinning the computer so that she could see the screen clearly, "Want to read it?"

"Sure!" the girl exclaimed, reading the entry's title out loud to prove she was interested, "'A Big Problem.' Oh." Blast it all, she didn't want to be a problem!

Clearly her emotions showed on her face because Dr. Watson finished his drink and made eye contact, "Natalie, you are not a problem. Sherlock is the problem. He's my friend, and he's brilliant, but he's not good at interacting with people, especially, uh, females. Not that he's very good with men either."

Grinning and taking in his earnest expression, she decided that maybe this unexpected and rather mysterious trip could only dampen her spirits if she let it. "So I noticed." The two laughed. "I guess he's at work now?"

"Sherlock? Oh, I wouldn't expect him to wake up for a few hours. He isn't much of a morning person unless he needs to be for a case. I on the other hand," he glanced at his watch, "need to be leaving in a few minutes." Reaching out, he half closed the laptop to be sure he had Natalie's full attention again, "Listen, I know how overpowering Sherlock can be, and I'm sorry that I have to leave you on your first full day here. There's food in the fridge, help yourself when you're hungry. If you need anything, Mrs. Hudson is downstairs. Just remember that Sherlock will probably insult you, but he promised not to kick you out if you don't break his things. Feel free to use my laptop while I'm gone and—I've got to go." Natalie watched as the doctor walked out of the room and turned back to look at her. "Maybe I should take the day off…" he hesitated.

"I'm fine," she assured him, though admittedly a few moments ago her confidence had been higher, before it was mentioned that Sherlock might throw her out if she broke something. "Go on." Natalie smiled and waved.

"Thanks, I'll see you later then," Dr. Watson left the apartment. Natalie stared at the green tile and listened to his receding footsteps. Well, there was always school to look forward to. With a sigh she rested her head on the table.


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Darth_Namialus: Has anyone heard from Natalie since yesterday?

Firebird: Considering what time her transatlantic flight finally left, I imagine she's still dealing with jetlag. She may also be busy. New country, new things to do.

Joupena: There's nothing like skyping with Soka to make my day better. :D

Three hours later

Natalie_Crescent: Oh my gosh you guys, this trip just get weirder and weirder! You wouldn't believe how weird my surrounding are. Just, woah.

Darth_Namialus: Gah! Tell us about them already!

Natalie_Crescent: OK, my relative is Dr. Watson and I think he's nice, but he rents his apartment with a friend named Mr. Holmes who is not. Like, he's creepy observant, but has horrible manners. For example, he could tell just by looking at me that I had a layover in Atlanta, but he didn't let me eat the last sushi at dinner. Apparently, he didn't know I was coming, so that isn't helping the situation. And he has all this STUFF in the apartment that is really weird too. For example, he keeps a human skull on the mantelpiece. A real one, that, (you're going to love this Siblings,) HAZ A NAME. That's right, he informed me this morning that its name is "Billy." It sits across from the man's mail, mail that is literally held down by the knife driven through it into the wood underneath. He keeps his headphones on some sort of animal head mounted on the wall. Speaking of the wall, one of the living room walls contains several BULLET HOLES. At first I didn't notice them because there is a bright yellow smiley face spray-painted over them. I think they were made with the handgun that I found sitting on the coffee table when I spread out my school books. And did I mention the kitchen? Almost every square inch is covered with beakers and test tubes, and a microscope. And THERE WAS A HUMAN HEAD IN THE FRIDGE!

Siblings: Well, it all sounds very, interesting.

Natalie_Crescent: Dr. Watson writes a blog. I read it after breakfast this morning. Apparently, he and Mr. Holmes solve mysteries together. Holmes is a "consulting detective" (whatever that is,) and he likes to have his only friend (maybe he has other friends, but with an attitude like his, I doubt it,) Dr. Watson come on his adventures with him. I wonder if he'll solve any cases while I'm here?

Darth_Namialus: Adventures?

Natalie_Crescent: Yeah, you should look up his blog! Sometimes it's sort of sketchy of the details though, I think maybe I'll ask him to tell me about their trip to Buckingham Palace some time.

Siblings: Can we expect the next chapter of The Nexus Route fanfic soon?

Natalie_Crescent: OH YES! Dr. Watson has been at work most of the day, so aside from my schoolwork I've got nothing to do. Cause I REALLY don't want to bother Mr. Holmes.

Mindless-droid: I hope your family's business in Colorado is concluded quickly.

Natalie_Crescent: Me too.


Natalie sat on the couch using Dr. Watson's laptop to chat with her online friends. Several hours ago she had finished her schoolwork, and now she wasn't sure what to do. Mr. Holmes sat at the desk by the windows, using his laptop. Aside from a short conversation when he had first come into the room hours ago, the aloof man had acted as if she didn't exist. Unexpectedly, he spoke. She had just opened a YouTube video, and her earbuds blocked his exact words, so she paused the video and asked, "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"Can't you entertain yourself in some other way? You keep slowing down the wi-fi." He never even looked up from his screen.

"Um, sure," she replied, quickly typing goodbye on her Xat Chat before pressing enter and gently closing the laptop. What sense would there be in causing further friction with someone she had to live with? In bored desperation some minutes later, she scooped up what appeared to be a TV guide from the coffee table and began to read it. An entry caught her eye, "Can I use the TV?"

Sherlock spared her the briefest glance possible, "If it will keep you from fidgeting as much as you have the last quarter of an hour, yes."

"Great, thanks!" she grinned, trying to break through his cold exterior, but to no avail. Several minutes later she spun around one of the chairs to face the television, ready to watch a Doctor Who Series 3 rerun. It was the scene in "Blink" where Sally Sparrow agrees to wait in the hospital until the rain stops. Natalie watched. After a rather quiet day, it was pleasurable to sink into an episode of Doctor Who. Sadly, the fun was short lived as Sherlock proved to be incapable of refraining from dropping a great many disparaging comments.

"Larry is even more stupid than Anderson."

"Who's Anderson?" Natalie inquired.

"One of the idiots down at Scotland Yard," managing to sound superior was one of Sherlock's many talents, and he made full use of it now. Silence fell between them again, but not for long. "Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff is not an explanation. What kind of moron is this doctor? Oh, look, a living statue."

"No, it's only alive when you don't look at it." Natalie was getting annoyed, "Why aren't you using the wi-fi?"

"You're distracting me with this nonsense. Seriously, look at his hair."

"You could take your laptop to another room," she suggested.

"No, I want to use it in here."

"Don't be so petty, Mr. Holmes."

"I'm never, petty," he argued, starting to make Natalie nervous with his facial expression.

"Fine. Okay, you know what, just," she stumbled over her words, "do whatever you want, and I'll got thank Mrs. Hudson for dinner last night, because I don't think I did it properly yesterday."

"Good, have a nice time," he dismissed her.