Brandon Routh Talks More About Suiting Up As 'The Atom'

We already know that Ray Palmer will eventually suit up as The Atom, but where and when it will happen isn't clear just yet. However, it definitely sounds as if his origin story will be tied into The Flash and the explosion of the Particle Accelerator based on comments from the actor who plays him.

"From the beginning, when I met with Marc [Guggenheim] and Andrew [Kreisberg], they mentioned that they were thinking of doing a flashback episode all about Ray, or just about the day that something happened in his life at the same time that it happened in other characters’ lives," Brandon Routh reveals. It's possible that he's talking about something else altogether, but this would be a smart way to give the character his extraordinary powers. Based on recent comments from Guggenheim, it appears as if we'll only see the former suit up again on The Flash. 

"Marc said that if the shrinking was going to happen, it’s more likely to be on ‘The Flash,’" the actor revealed. "But I have no knowledge of a crossover or any of that. ‘Arrow’ is very grounded in reality, so nobody really has any powers.

That is a challenging thing, to have you bring a character like the Atom in, with his trademark thing being that he shrinks." As for the costume, he teased: "Just because he’s not shrinking doesn't mean that he might not be doing something else, or be involved in some other kind of superhero-y way. I know that there is some type of suit thing happening, though I’m not at liberty to discuss much. But it looks cool, and I would be happy to wear it." Could he get his costume before his powers then or will they just now show him using them on Arrow? It's all very secretive right now, but share your thoughts and theories below!