Latest set photos from Doctor Who feature spacesuits?


Latest set photos feature lots and lots of spacesuits? 

May is nearly over, and for many Who fans, there is a Doctor-shaped hole in their collective hearts.

But between split seasons, anniversary specials and the departure of Matt Smith, it's been quite a while since we've had a regular schedule, and, sadly, there are still many months to go before Peter Capaldi's first full series begins in earnest.

But set photos will have to whet our appetites for now. And with the cast and crew back in Cardiff, it's not surprising that fans were out in force to greet them -- and snap a few pictures.

What you are about to see is from an episode penned by writer Peter Harness. And, it would appear, the episodes will involve being in some less-than-habitable climates. In addition to Capaldi and Coleman, guest stars Ellis George (who may be in a number of episodes this season) and Hermione Norris were present. All of them are wearing spacesuits, with Capaldi's looking quite familiar.

Have a look, speculate to your two heart's content. What do you think tell us in the comments?

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