Benedict Cumberbatch Does Impressions Of Bane, Tom Hiddleston, And More

Image via: Toronto.ctvnews

Image via: Toronto.ctvnews

Thanks to roles like Khan, Sherlock Holmes and the great dragon Smaug, Benedict Cumberbatch is beloved in the nerdier corners of the Internet. He's also, thankfully, the kind of guy who both doesn't take seem to take his celebrity too seriously and is more than happy to have a little fun with his own talents. We've seen him do everything from writhing on the floor as Smaug to impersonating Chewbacca while Harrison Ford sat beside him, and those are just the tip of the Cumberbatch Internet fun iceberg. 

Cumberbatch is also a gifted impressionist, and he's happily treated the web to his mimicking of everyone from Alan Rickman to David Tennant in the past.

This week, while promoting his appropriately named new film The Imitation Game, he was asked to put those skills to the test by MTV. His challenge: 11 impressions in one minute, and of course there are a few genre stars in that mix. In the video below, he reprises his Rickman, tries his hand at Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine and John Malkovich, nails a Tom Hiddleston impression, and even manages a little bit of Tom Hardy's take on Batman villain Bane. Sadly, his Christopher Walken needs a bit of work. Check it out below.