Batman v Superman New Details On Doomsday, Wonder Woman And More

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According to Badass Digest, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will not only introduce us to characters Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, Lex Luthor, and Doomsday ("Let me confirm for you that Doomsday is in the film," says the site), but they also have details on another possible cameo.

According to the site, KGBeast is going to turn up...sort of! In the movie, Lex apparently has a number of agents, "making his dark agenda a reality, an agenda that includes keeping an eye on all metahumans, mainly a woman who walks the streets today but who is seen in pictures from the 1800s. A wonder woman, you might say."

That might just confirm those reports that Wonder Woman's movie will be set in the past then, but going back to the character mentioned above, he'll appear as Anatoli Knyazev, KGBeast's human name before he's transformed into a villain (something which may not happen in this movie or possible ever of course).

With Jared Leto likely to play The Joker, they also reveal that, "in the world of Batman v Superman the Joker already exists, and Superman knows about him. We don't see him in this movie, though." Oh and just remember that none of this is confirmed!

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