Batman V Superman: Aquaman, Batman, "Anti-Superman" Theme

Looks like everybody who wanted to see Zack Snyder's Superman burned in effigy after the events of Man of Steel might get their wish: Batman On Film is reporting that there is "a very anti-Superman theme" in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, with people marching against the hero in the streets.

That does certainly put a different spin on those "Superman survivor" t-shirts extras were seen wearing, and that the Internet immediately set about making Man of Steel punchlines over.

The same set report claims that Aquaman is indeed in the film, albeit in an extremely minor role. There was apparently work done on a water set already, although it's not clear from the story whether it was (as rumored) Jason Momoa who will play Aquaman or who was working on that set.

They also claim that there is an upcoming car chase scene which will likely not involve the new Batmobile, and that the recently-leaked set photos of Ben Affleck as a graying Bruce Wayne will play into an attack on Metropolis, where Wayne is at his company helping rescue people after all the damage we've seen done in that aerial footage a few days ago.