Arrow Star Stephen Amell Teases S3

In a brief video interview released from the red carpet of last week’s CW upfronts, Arrow star Stephen Amell said that the writers will hit the ground running next season, with a big bang in the present-day, Starling City storyline and a “nasty” storyline in Hong Kong for the flashbacks.

While Deathstroke was omnipresent last year, Amell has said previously, next year the big bad might not be so in your face…and nobody’s talking just yet as to who or what it might be.

“I’m really excited. I knew that when Amanda [Waller] and I crossed paths in Episode 16 or whatever it was of this year, that obviously there was a story,” Amell told IGN. “I like the fact that we paid off who was the benefactor behind Fyers’s plan from Season One. I like when those things tie together. From my understanding, Hong Kong’s gonna be pretty nasty.”

“I think that we’re focused in on the core elements of the group. Laurel knows but she and Oliver haven’t really had a chance to reconcile that knowledge yet, so that will be an interesting dynamic.” He added, “We’re going to come out of the door with a big bang for Season Three.”

Arrow returns in the fall to The CW, where it will continue to air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. est

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