Avengers Marvel Legends 2015 Action Figures Revealed

Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel and The Sentry are among the Avengers Marvel Legends 2015 action figures unveiled (with packaging) at Marvel Toy News this weekend.

There's also a Thor, a Hawkeye in his classic purple costume, and other figures -- all with a Build-A-Figure that's both Odin the All father and King Thor. I'm so excited that they finally released a proper Odin The All Father. And i love the look of Iron Fist and we finally have a Captain Marvel action figure with the Jamie McKelvie design, which as you can imagine is awesome. (You can check them out below) 

Here's the full listing, and what they come with for the Build-A-Figure:

Marvel Legends Avengers Scarlet Witch Figure: Odin Head, Cape and Staff
Marvel Legends Avengers Captain Marvel Figure: King Thor Head, Cape and Ax
Marvel Legends Avengers Iron Fist Figure: Odin/King Thor Left Leg
Marvel Legends Avengers Sentry Figure: Odin Arms
Marvel Legends Avengers Machine Man Figure: King Thor Arms
Marvel Legends Avengers Thor Figure: Odin/King Thor Right Leg
Marvel Legends Avengers Hawkeye Figure: Odin/King Thor Torso

There's no official word on the release dates yet; don't be surprised if you see them in early 2015. What do you think of the Avengers Marvel Legends 2015 action figures? Tell us in the comments below!