Arrow/The Flash Crossover Will Likely Happen This Season

hile Felicity Smoak and Barry Allen will not date on Arrow and The Flash, producers hope to have crossovers happen fairly early in this upcoming season and, when Felicity first shows up on The Flash or vice versa, they'll deal with the dangling romantic subplots leftover from Barry's first appearances on Arrow.

That's the scoop from over at TV Guide's Mega Buzz column, where someone asked about the possibility of Felicity crossing over. Here's the response:

"That's our hope," executive producer Greg Berlanti tells me. "Our hope is to get some crossovers going sooner rather than later with all the shows." Interestingly enough, the producers had discussed the possibility of Felicity and Barry dating across shows — a la Lindsay and Severide on the Chicago shows — but it sounds like they have something else in mind. "We have all sorts of romantic possibilities for both of them on both shows," he says. "Hopefully the first time Felicity comes to town, we'll deal with all that stuff."

The other interesting thing here is that he refers to the crossovers taking place "with all the shows." Since The Flash and Arrow are only two, the immediate place our head went was to wonder whether perhaps he's talking about one of the other DC Entertainment shows on the air this coming season -- most likely Constantine, since crossing over with Gotham would be a logistical nightmare (also, FOX TV's chairman has said it doesn't take place in the same universe as the other shows).

Constantine doesn't seem like it fits into the Arrowverse and the fact that it's on another network is another strike against it...but with both props and comments from the show runners indicating that it will have ties to a number of DC Universe characters, it's difficult not to wonder...!