Arrow's Stephen Amell: Teases Comic-Con Trailer, Meta Humans And More

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At Kansas City's Planet Comicon, Stephen Amell revealed that Team Arrow will go up against a Meta-Human in the 19th episode of this season. 

"In, I think, episode 19, Team Arrow goes up against a Meta-Human," Amell said. "Which is cool. Although, I can't say who it is. I don't engage. I'm on the sidelines."

After Amell said Oliver Queen would be on the sidelines for part of this season the crowd began to murmur. "There's big things happening with the show," Amell added.

"Very, very big things. And without spoiling anything, I would say this, I think the greatest moment in the history of the show will be the trailer we show at Comic-Con next year. I really do. Because, after three seasons and sixty-nine episodes we are going to fundamentally change the change at the grassroots level. And, I think it's going to cool."

Arrow returns to the CW on Wednesday, March 18 at 8:00 p.m.