Arrow's Marc Guggenheim Says The Chances Of Olicity Happening Is 50-50

By Andrew Steinbeiser on Comic Book

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Although the romance between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak seems to diminish with every episode of Arrow, showrunner Marc Guggenheim is teasing/torturing fans that the two might still might get a happily ever-after.

In a recent interview honoring Valentine’s Day, Guggenheim said that “Olicity’s” chances are still a solid 50-50. While the non-answer might drive some fans crazy, at least it’s not a death sentence for the troubled lovers.

“I’m going to be a dick and say 50-50. In large part because I want to see what the internet does with that comment,” Guggenheim told MTV in a recent interview about the two’s romantic chances. “I can see them losing their minds, but that’s part of the fun. That’s one of the perks of my job, is getting to see what the Internet does.”

Indeed, Oliver and Felicity have had a rough go at it lately. In a recent episode, Felicity more or less told Oliver that she’d done holding romantic feelings for him. This came after Oliver told her and Team Arrow that he will train with their sworn nemesis, Malcom Merlyn, to better prepare himself for Ra’s al Ghul’s incoming invasion of Starling City.

“I think Oliver did the heroic thing, and made a selfless choice to put what he’s doing right now ahead of any potential relationship with Felicity,” Guggenheim elaborated to MTV. “I don’t think he expected Felicity to react the way that she did. So I don’t know how premeditated the decision was on Oliver’s part. One of the things I like about that scene between the two of them — I think it’s the audience response too — Oliver and Felicity both have a very strong point of view, and a very defensible point a view, in that final scene of episode 12. Whenever you can maneuver your characters into a situation where they both have a good argument to make, you’re on the right track.”

With Guggenheim not giving anything away, fans will have to keep watching Arrow to see if the two will ever see an arrow from Cupid’s quiver.

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