Arrow: Stephen Amell Reveals Whether The Lazarus Pit Will Not Be Used On (Spoiler)

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Spoilers for the mid season finale of Arrow. In a new interview with Collider, Arrow star Stephen Amell confirms the existence of Lazarus Pits on the show...but assures fans that's not how his character will return.

"We just saw him fall," Amell said when quizzed about how they might justify bringing his character back from the apparent dead on the show.

"We’ve seen Oliver survive. So, [we don’t know] whether he went straight off the cliff, whether something broke his fall, whether he hit the ground.

We have mystical herbs on the show that have healing powers. We’ve seen a Lazarus Pit, although that’s not something that’s going to be used for Oliver. I hope he survives. I like playing him." 

And FINALLY the long wait is over, Arrow is back this Wednesday night.