Arrow Season 3 Ep. 15 Review: Nanda Parbat

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Episode 15, Nadar Parbat

Notes before reading: I am NOT a reviewer, I'm merely a huge fan of the Green Arrow comics, and like to believe that I know the series and the characters incredibly well. This review is made purely from the standpoint of a fan, who wants to see his favorite Green Arrow and DC comics characters hit the big screen in a creative fashion, and that I do this review for no reason other to get my thoughts out. If you agree, more power to you, but if not, honestly, it's fine. Not at all a big deal. Rather inconsequential, even.

In this episode we have what we've all been waiting for. The long awaited rematch between the Arrow and the Demon's head. Oliver died the first time he fought. Is he really ready to take him on again, and so soon after his first beating? Moving beyond that, we see Thea and Merlyn's relationship nearly broken, as she sentences her own father to death. And in the midst of the Queen-Merlyn-Al Ghul blood match we have Ray Palmer still trying to perfect his ATOM suit.
In the beginning we see Thea and Oliver training with Merlyn in order to prepare for the incoming League of Assassins threat. Now it's important to keep in mind that most members are as skilled, and even more skilled than Malcolm. Four of them managed to in the past take down Arrow without him even being able to defend himself, and it took the combined efforts of Canary and Arrow to barely defeat Malcolm's teacher. So to say the least it's very needed, however Thea still has no desire to even work with Merlyn, especially after what he made her do.

This is a really great seen for me, because it gives the League the credit it deserves, it's not watering them down, or making them weaker simply so that Oliver Queen can best the League. They're by far the world's greatest killers and they all recognize that. Another key point is where Merlyn mentions that Oliver has been training for years, to bring a bow and arrow to a sword fight. It's important to see them be realistic, and point out logical reasons why things won't succeed.

Now we move away to one member of team Arrow specifically, Felicity. Who has been helping another vigilante to be, Ray Palmer. Ray has been obsessed with creating his suit, even to the point where he's not eating or sleeping. Like any good scientist bent on achieving his goal. Felicity tries her best to get him away from his work, and to get to him to rest.
It's really good to Atom nearing completion. I can't wait to see him shrinking to subatomic sizes and helping with mysteries the human eye can never see. Along with this, I think it'd be really interesting for Starling to have a permanent "super-powered" protector. Though honestly, this version of the Atom reminds me of Hank Pym's Antman than anything else. His armor most definitely does.

Now doing a comic compare. the Atom usually has very small adventures with very big outcomes, but regardless tends to be very prominent and very important in the DC universe. I only hope he can maintain and keep up that  same importance on Arrow, where the foes are almost always bigger than life. But I think the fact he focused on his suit being armor, more than a form of subatomic travel bodes well for him in that regard.

Thea begins having identity issues, as she faces the possibility of being a killer, and cannot deal with the guilt of being responsible for Sara's death, and has to talk to someone about it. Most importantly the people who she felt she robbed of Sara. First confronting Laurel, who is shocked and appalled, but blames Merlyn, not Thea. And then begins to causes Thea to question Merlyn's worth, which begins to throw everything out of proportion and out of control. Thea also confronts Roy, who already knew, and tries to help her find inner peace with her inner killer.

Laurel becomes the canary and attacks Merlyn in the streets, however while unarmed and unprepared he still easily bests Laurel. Again showing the skill gap between Laurel and everyone else in the Arrow crew. Her lack of skill and control are show cased best while Merlyn easily bests her. Though he has no desire to kill her. It seems Laurel's in trouble until the League arrives, specifically Nyssa Al Ghul, who knocks him out. Claiming that the League would bring true justice. And that the Canary could finally rest.

Now I haven't really addressed Nyssa in my reviews, but for those of you who don't know Nyssa is the half sister of Talia and daughter of Ra's Al Ghul. In this version of the show she's definitely more like Talia, than like her own pre 52 counterpart but is Nyssa none the less. Comparing to Talia rather than Nyssa she's very spot on, being a driven and strong woman more than capable of surpassing the demon and leading the League.

It's then revealed that this was all Thea's doing, who sold Merlyn for protection of herself, her brother, and the city. However Oliver is not content with allowing her to sell her soul in such a way. Not desiring for his baby sister to end up killing her own father. He decides that he is going to go and bring Malcolm back, though everyone disagrees with the idea. Oliver himself doesn't like it, but reminds everyone that it's not for, and that it's for Thea. And he's already shown that he'll fight the greatest killer on Earth, for Thea Queen.
It's really good to see the more brotherly side of Oliver. Specifically his care of Thea and her actions. I think they while part of his reasons was selfishness, and pride, another reason why he wanted to save
Merlyn was to keep Thea human. He understood what being a killer was, and what it did to a person. He doesn't want Thea to be like him. To go as far as he has to be himself. He wants to keep as much of Thea alive as possible, in this dark life that they're both forced to live in.

Oliver decides to go on another mission to Nada Parbat in order to save Merlyn. Who is being held and subsequently tortured there. Now the scene moves onto Diggle, who has been living with his wife and their daughter. Diggle has been far more regressed since the birth of their child, and is definitely more regressed as a fighter. However he wants to go with Oliver, feeling as though he let him down the first time. His 'wife" supports his choice, and even gives the two an ARGUS jet, so they can get there.

Back with Felicity and Ray, who have been working on the Atom suit. However Felicity convinces Ray to eat, rest and bath. However just after eating and bathing he does a little more work than he attended, going to bed with and sleeping with Felicity. Gotta admit, I always thought the chemistry between them was more hidden, than anything else. But it was really good to see them be happy and enjoy each other least. There time ends with Ray completing the Atom suit and taking it for a test flight. Yes test flight. This Atom can fly!
While The Arrow and his black driver go off to face the demon, we have Thea and Roy reconciling in Starling. Roy is trying to show Thea how he coped with killing the police officer, and he does it by living on in his memory, taking care of his wife and kid best he can in his absence. Thea claims that all he's doing is torturing himself but he reveals that it helps more than anything else he's tried. Thea then realizes what she's done is wrong, and goes to confront Nyssa.

With this episode drawing to an end, The Arrow and Diggle begin taking Nada Parbat, being the first two men brave enough or foolish enough to take it by force. Using stealth and lethal force as their weapon, they manage to get inside defeating almost a dozen guards along the way. All seems well until they find the beaten Merlyn, who tells them that they've wandered into a trap. Diggle and Oliver are forced to give up, and while in imprisonment Diggle asks for Oliver to be his best man, which he accepts.

Thea confronts Nyssa, who had just had a heart to heart with Laurel. Laurel and Nyssa both missing Sara Lance, someone they cared for and loved deeply. Thea admits to being responsible for Sara death, despite how involuntary and offer her a chance at vengeance, A chance at peace. Handing her her sword and asking that she does what see feels needs to be down.

In the shows final moments (Until March freaking 18th) we see Oliver confronting Ra's, this time on his knee's. As he begs. Begs for the life of his friend, for the life of his brother to be sparred. Ra's continues to compliment Oliver and his resilience, claiming that he has never met a man of his means and skill set in all his life. Claiming that he did not desire the death of Oliver Queen. No we wanted the Arrow to live. And that he also wants him to be his successor, to be, the next Demon's Head.

High Light of the episode for ME.: The best moment for me was the touching scene between Oliver and Diggle. in the prison of Nada Parbat. It was nice to see them show and talk about what they've truly care about one and other. And how much their friendship meant to one and other. Nothing like budding bromance.

Overall Rating: I really loved this episode, it was just overall one of the better ones. It's terrible that we have to wait for new episodes, but this was by far worth it. 10/10.