Arrow S3 Set Photo Gets Fans Wondering: Is Wildcat Coming?

Could the wrestling (or boxing) ring seen in an earlier set photo from Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim be part of some elaborate stunt on the part of the new Count Vertigo?

It doesn't seem impossible, as series star Stephen Amell has posted the photo above, of himself in full costume and hanging out on the ropes.

There are likely some Easter eggs buried in the sponsors on the mat and around the arena, but the only one we can clearly make out is the Ferris Air logo upon which Arrow is standing. The Ferris Air logo has been seen in trailers and clips from The Flash's pilot episode as well; in the comics, it's owned by Green Lantern's girlfriend. Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim is one of a number of writers credited on the Green Lantern movie.

The ring -- and Arrow in it -- has prompted speculation from fans about who might be involved. Popular theories from a tweet made last night from

Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has a number of fans wondering whether Ted "Wildcat" Grant or Rocky Davis of the Challengers of the Unknown might appear in the Season Three premiere of the hit CW series. But with Arrow appearing in-costume in the ring, a number of fans have instead been speculating that a character like Sports-master or Roulette could be involved.

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