Arrow "Not Planning on Revisiting Super Powers" In Season Three

We know Ray Palmer will get a costume this season on Arrow -- but can you do The Atom without his powers?

In a new interview with Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim, Comic Book Resources's Jonah Weiland discovered that the plan is to return to the show's more grounded feel from the first season and for some of last year's more fantastical elements to be played down.

"We're not really planning on revisiting superpowers or enhanced abilities during season three," Guggenheim said during an interview with Weiland on Los Angeles radio (via CBR). "We are really returning to the show's roots of a very grounded world where it's very realistic. We may take occasional artistic license with things, but for the most part, everything is pretty well and truly grounded in real-life things and real-life science."

One assumes part of that "artistic license" will be the crossover with The Flash, the second episode for which will take place on Arrow. Last night, Guggenheim announced that the Arrow half of the crossover will be titled "The Brave and the Bold."

Joking aside, it's likely that a science-based superhero (even comic book science) like The Atom would still fit into the logic of the show. If there's one element fans have been curious about that might be harder to justify, it would be the Lazarus Pit that keeps Ra's al Ghul seemingly eternally young and can even raise the dead.

He further teased that the digital-first comics series Arrow Season 2.5 will provide an explanation for some "new toys" that Oliver will use in the show, including a new bow that looks identical to the old one but has a surprising new function.

Arrow returns on October 8 at 8 p.m. on The CW.