Arrow: New Details On Return Of Deathstroke & Katie Cassidy Suiting Up

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TV Line caught up with showrunner Andrew Kreisberg to get the scoop of Slade's return to The CW series. And he'll thankfully be back to shake things up later this season: 

"Slade is definitely [resurfacing] in the present day," he reveals. 

Will he be happy to learn to of Oliver's demise? "Not that he’s ever happy, but he’s particularly unhappy. When he comes back, he’s out for blood." 

As for those much talked about scenes between Felicity and Thea, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals that those will now air a little later this season, but teased: 

"Felicity having scenes with Laurel that are really terrific. As Felicity said in Episode 3 of this year, she didn’t even think they were friends, so it’s kind of fun to watch these two women who are so different from each other interact. Felicity’s got some words of wisdom to impart to Laurel, and has a perspective that is somewhat unique."

The site also has some additional details on Vinne Jones' Danny "Brick" Brickwell, revealing that the actor told them that he has a fight scene with an actress who jumps from a window and dangles from a helicopter above. I'm guessing it's Black Canary? 

Also talking to Comic Book Resources, Katie Cassidy had this to say about her debut as the popular superhero. 

"On January 21, you will see Laurel in the suit and becoming Black Canary -- but just because she suited up doesn't necessarily mean she's good, first of all," she revealed. 

"But it's part of her journey. In Season Three, she goes from avenging her sister's death, to honoring to her sister, to basically becoming her sister, but her own version of it. And she really steps up to the plate, I think. Now that Oliver's gone, [she] takes the reins and is like, "I got this." She's a strong woman, and I think she's going to kick some butt."

Finally, a big part of the character is obviously her canary cry, a blast of sound waves used to take her enemies down. As for how and when it will factor into the series, Cassidy added:

"We haven't seen that yet. But I do feel like maybe at some point, Laurel will have her own version of it, and maybe it won't be necessarily in the same form [as the comics]."

What do you folks think about these latest details?