Arrow: First Look at Felicity's Apartment

Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has shared a photo from the set of the series, fans' first look at the apartment of Felicity Smoak.

And, yes, if you look closely you'll see that she has the movie poster for Errol Flynn's Robin Hood over her mantel.

Here's a closer look at it:

...So, yeah. Apparently she would enjoy a little of the comic book Oliver with the hat and the goatee.

There don't appear to be any other obvious references or in-jokes; there are some busts, toys and the like in the room but it's too wide a shot to tell with any detail what they are. Even the Robin Hood poster was just because this writer had worked in a video store for so long that I'd seen the cover of this VHS tape a hundred times.

Guggenheim posted it to social media with the caption "Just posting to see what the Internet will do," so have at it, readers: Do you see anything (or, more accurately, can you make anything out) that we missed?