Arrow Casts Medium's David Cubitt As Manhunter Mark Shaw

Medium's David Cubitt will join the cast of Arrow as Mark Shaw, better known as the government-backed superhero Manhunter, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Mark Shaw version of Manhunter worked with the Suicide Squad under Checkmate, an organization with ties to the Suicide Squad and frequently run by Amanda Waller, whom Arrow star David Ramsey recently revealed to us will no longer be running A.R.G.U.S. or the Suicide Squad at the start of Season Three. There's no guarantee he'll work with either Waller or Checkmate, though; THR reports that he'll have "strong ties" to Diggle. They add, "When the character makes his Starling City entrance, he will be an A.R.G.U.S. operative in Corto Maltese who crosses paths with Diggle. In comic lore, Mark has a connection to the Suicide Squad."

Cubitt will appear in the third episode of the new season.

Spencer, of course, was a character in Arrow's first two seasons -- but only in her civilian identity. Kate Spencer appeared as the district attorney and was killed during the Season Two finale.

Asked whether they had ever considered giving Spencer her Manhunter identity, he responded, "Manhunter would definitely be a DC character who would fit well in the world of Arrow. I'm also a big fan. Never say never."

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