And the first Batman villain who will appear on Gotham is...


It looks like a certain infamous kingpin (no, not The Kingpin - that's Marvel!) could be Jim Gordon's first noteworthy adversary in FOX's upcoming Gotham series.

According to a tweet from Latino Review's El Mayimbe, Oswald Cobblepot -- the Penguin himself -- may be first of Batman's Rogues Gallery to appear in the origin series, which focuses both on Gordon beginning his career with the GCPD and a kid named Bruce Wayne.

It's easy to imagine a young Cobblepot cutting his teeth on Gotham City's seedy nightlife scene as he climbs up the criminal hierarchy. Not only would the Penguin give the series a more grounded villain for its freshman season, he could also possibly provide an interesting parallel to Gordon's own fledgling status.

The last time the Penguin was portrayed in live-action he was played by Danny DeVito in Batman Returns. It's probably safe to bet that Gotham's interpretation of the character would not include a giant rubber ducky boat and actual penguins with rockets.

Of course, none of this news is confirmed, so treat it as rumor until we get official word from the people involved.