Deadpool Trailer Officially Released Online

After leaving fans hoping for footage after the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive trailer, the official trailer for Deadpool has arrived. 20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for Deadpool...

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"Sony" Hack Reveals Fantastic Four/X-Men Movie Plans

Cinematic Universe, Michael De Luca, co-president of production for Columbia Pictures, told Sony boss Amy Pascal that they should be trying to emulate what 20th Century Fox are planning on doing with the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises; a giant team-up movie!

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1st full trailer for Fox’s Gotham

The first trailer for Fox’s new series Gotham has arrived, and it sets the stage for a full-on Batman prequel. All the players are here; they’re just a little younger.

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Channing Tatum has taken meetings on a Gambit movie

It's no secret that Fox wants to expand its X-Men universe; now that Marvel and Sony are upping the ante, they have to do the same. X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner recently confirmed that they're developing several spinoffs, one of which may include Gambit. 

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