Matt Damon Rumored For Aquaman Role In Justice League Movie?

When Ben Affleck was first cast as Batman in Batman Vs. Superman, social media was filled with jokes about Affleck’s pal Matt Damon playing Robin. While no one really took talk of Matt Damon playing Robin seriously, there is now another rumor that has popped up on one the leading entertainment news sites.

According to TheWrap, “One casting rumor that has been circulating around Hollywood for more than a year is that Affleck’s close friend and collaborator Matt Damon is being sought to play Aquaman.” However, TheWrap also notes that Jason Momoa has been rumored for that role as well.

Of course, there were also numerous rumors circulating that Bryan Cranston was going to play Lex Luthor, and it turned out that Cranston was never even approached for the role. Calling something a rumor is a far cry from crediting a studio source as providing the information, so the Matt Damon as Aquaman is likely nothing more than an Internet rumor. However, as odd as Damon as Aquaman sounds, not many would have predicted Ben Affleck as Batman either.

Justice League movie has been confirmed as being in development by director Zack Snyder, but no release date has been officially announced for the film.

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