27 Unicorn Gifts Under $35 (You Can Get on Amazon)


By Izzie McKenzie

27 Unicorn Gifts Under $35 (You Can Get on Amazon) Pinterest

From tees to tape dispensers, if you're in need of a gift for someone in love with Unicorns, I've got you covered.

From cakes to Starbucks frappes, it seems as if you can't escape the Unicorn trend these days. Don't get me wrong. Yes, I love Unicorns, but everyone has that friend/family member who is in love with Unicorns.

In my case, my younger sister Seraphina holds that title. If something has a Unicorn or rainbow on it, she will be automatically infatuated with it.

In fact, she is actually the reason I put this guide together. I've been collecting Unicorn related bookmarks (especially gift ideas that fit my budget) for a while now, so I thought I'd put them all together in one place where you guys can make use of them too (I will be adding updates in the future, as I find more goodies).

Anyways, go ahead a check out the full list of 27 below. (Every item is under $35 and sold on Amazon, so they're great for sticking to a budget + easy shipping)

You get 12 of these cute little books in this set, perfect if you have multiple Unicorn lovers to shop for. Get them here.

2. DDazzling Girls Unicorn Hair Ties Elastic Hair Ties - $6.99

I thought of my sister as soon as I saw these. She loves braided pigtails, and these are perfect for covering the clear elastics I usually use. Get them here.

3. The Original Farting Unicorn Plush - Special Deluxe Edition Box Set - $34.99

IT'S SO PRETTY. Seriously though, who wouldn't want a tiny gold Unicorn decorating their neck? Get it here.

5. Unicorns Are Awesome Therefore I am A Unicorn Tee - $19.99

Perfect for you unique Unicorn loving sister/mom/friend. Get it here.

10. BigMouth Inc Unicorn Farts Mug - $9.99

This thing is GORGEOUS. No wonder it's made itself onto my wishlist. Get it here.

13. Realistic 3D Digital Printing Pullover Hoodie - $26.99

I've always been one for splatter/watercolour artwork, so this is right up my street. Get it here.

14. Glitter Floral Unicorn Waterfall Clear Protective Case for iPhone 6S Plus/ 6 Plus w/ Screen Protector - $11.99

Two words: gold & glitter. Oh, and it comes with a scratch free screen protector. Get it here.

15. NPW-USA Unicorn-Shaped Color Pencil Set, 10-Count - $14.99

When you want to hide your colouring pencils in Unicorn's tummy. Get it here.

16. Cosmic Cat Riding Alpaca Unicorn T-Shirt - $17.99

I love distressed tee designs, and this is no exception. Get it here.

19. Girls Unicorn Leggings - $11.99

This is one of the most eclectic things I've seen lately, but I can't take my eyes off it. Get it here.

21. Majestically Awkward Cat Riding Panda Tee - $18.99

For me, this is a must have. I absolutely love the blue/pink combo. Get it here.

24. Unicorn Parking Only Poster - $8.99

For those in need of next year's calendar. Get it here.

26. Sullivans Unicorn Embroidery Scissors - $9.89

Every piece of tape that comes from this fellow is basically a Unicorn's rainbow poop. Get it here.

Thanks for reading! Did I miss something? Share your favourite Unicorn gifts with me in the comments below!


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