Ridley Scott's next movie is not Prometheus 2 after all?


Earlier this year it seemed almost certain that Ridley Scott's next film as a director was going to be the sequel to 2012's Prometheus. Now, however, that may not be the case.

The Playlist is reporting that Scott, who's readying his Biblical epic Exodus: Gods & Kings for release this fall, will next turn his attention to The Martian, which he'll shoot this fall with Matt Damon in the lead. Based on a best-selling novel, the movie will follow Damon as a lone astronaut who attempts to survive on the surface of Mars after the rest of his crew accidentally leaves him behind.

The news that Scott would direct The Martian next comes courtesy of Simon Kinberg, the producer and screenwriter (X-Men: Days of Future Past) who first brought the book to Scott's attention and now says the movie will begin production later this year.

So where does that leave Prometheus 2? Well, it seems to be one of those sequels that the talent involved get asked about a lot, but which no one seems especially inspired to get working on. While several writers have taken a crack at the script, Scott and the first film's surviving cast members -- Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender -- have made only vague noises about actually shooting the movie.

If Scott is shooting The Martian next, and if 20th Century Fox is still interested in getting Prometheus 2 ready for a summer 2016 release, then the chances of Scott getting behind the camera for it look increasingly dim.

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