New Details revealed for the final Chapter of Resident Evil

We've known for some time that a sixth entry in Sony's successful RESIDENT EVIL series was headed our way and now series director Paul W.S. Anderson has finally revealed the tentative title for the final chapter.

Though we have a (working) title, we still have a while to wait until Alice and company take on Umbrella for one last battle to the death. Anderson revealed he’s “right in the middle” of his first draft of the script. So, yeah, it’ll still be a while until this thing is actually in front of the camera. But at least we finally know it's happening, and he hopes they’ll be able to announce something “soon.”

With the videogame-based franchise getting ready for its sixth installment, Anderson looked back at how risky the initial film was and how he never dreamed it’d actually spawn a decade-long franchise:

“I think it was an organic thing. As you probably know, when we set up the first movie, we didn’t even have an American deal for the first film until half way through principal photography. It was a movie that was entirely financed internationally and Sony only kind of distributed it in North America. And then of course I became much more involved in the movie afterwards, but I always referred to it as ‘the little movie that could.’ Because at the time, it as a movie that no one really wanted, that no one was excited about, it was based on a video game and for a while there, since Mortal Kombat, there hadn’t been any successful video game adaptations. Although, me returning to that genre obviously gave it a better chance than most.  

There was still skepticism about whether that was the kind of valid thing to do to that video games to movies. It was quite soon after Columbine, so it was a video game that was known to be very violent and there was a big backlash against that, and I wanted to make it an R-rated movie and that was very unfashionable at the time. There was lots of things against it and we poured a lot of love and energy into making the best movie we could. And then, I think the movie over performed, it did better than everyone thought it was going to. So, that’s why I kind of referred it to as “the little movie that could,” it’s like the little engine that slowly, it managed to get up the hill, it kept pushing and pushing and pushing. And kind of that’s what the franchise has done, it’s continued to grow and grow and grow a fanbase.  

Obviously when I returned to the director, we made a big jump with Afterlife, in terms of the kind of audience that we managed to reach. I don’t think there was any one moment where we suddenly went, ‘Ah!  This thing is huge!’ We just continued to make the movies on a kind of one by one basis and try to do as well as we could. And then the thing kind of grew organically, it grew an audience with it, I think.”


Are you ready for one more Resident Evil film? How would you like to see the franchise come to an end?

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