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Spencer LoSchiavo

Spencer is a 29 year old musician from America.  When he's not writing and singing songs, he is a fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy.  While he enjoys Doctor Who, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Indiana Jones among other things, he mostly is a life-long Star Wars fan.  He also enjoys traveling and has spent the last 5 years in Asia, teaching, traveling, and playing music. He has been writing since he was a youngling and hopes to educate more people on the ways of the Force.

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TARDIS Musings

I have been a Doctor Who fan since the late 1960's - watching Patrick Troughton. At school I was rarely without a Target novelisation in my satchel. I recall watching the original series of Star Trek when it first debuted on the BBC, and quite liked that as well. Have been a fan of TV & cinema Sci-Fi / Fantasy ever since. Love the classic 1950's movies such as War of the Worlds, This Island Earth, Forbidden Planet. Also love Horror - but only the old Universal ones and Hammer Horrors. The DVD Collection includes Supernatural, X-Files, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit). Just don't read much Sci-Fi (it is a visual thing for me). A couple of years ago I decided to share my trove of arcane knowledge about Doctor Who by starting a blog - World watch out. When not immersed in all things Whovian, I work in the social care sector - supporting the homeless and other disadvantaged groups. Favourite colour orange. Luck number 1,643,259. No cat or dog. Or kids.

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Comicbook Cosmos

Hey everyone this is Comicbook Cosmos. I am dedicated to bringing you your essential comic book knowledge. From histories of characters such as Spiderman and the Hulk, to story arcs like Age of Ultron and Civil War. Head on over to his YouTube channel HERE for videos on these and much more.


Saleem Frazer

"I have always been a film lover and critic since my first true analyzed film, Halloween (1978). Ever since I stood up late at night watching that film as a kid, I realized certain aspects of movies that never came to mind before such as suspense, music, and and the power of your imagination being used against you. More than anything in the world, I constantly speak about movies (alongside other entertainment outlets such as video games and TV series). Because of my intrigue and passion for this visual art of storytelling, I decided that nothing else would fit me more in terms of a future career than being a Film/Television critic. There really hasn't been a day in my life that didn't consist of thinking or talking about a film, TV show, or video game. These imagination driven outlets are some of the best representations of what the mind can create. What better way to experience it than to share my personal experience with others? For me, that is the best part of art in itself."

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I'm a huge fan of comics books and they shows/movies that they can often inspire. I like to look to comics for show expectations, for what the characters could become. What they should become. As of late I've begone reviewing such shows in order to give my fellow fanatics a heads up as to what to look for, and what they might've missed. My specialty are DC and Marvel comics, which I've been reading for years. I hope to be able to share those thoughts and reviews here.

David Toborg

In a world where fandoms are hated on one Whovian has stepped out of the dark to make a stand against this. Also he writes ridiculous comedies, and likes Gravity Falls, Pokemon and stuff. This man is known by many names, but known in the fandom community as Nicholas. One of few Classic Whovians in the Internet-World he is prepared to make a stand against haters. A proud owner of a low profile YouTube channel, and a dedicated gamer.

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